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Take Learning Outdoors!

Ah, feel that warm sun on your face and smell those flowers blooming? That’s right; Spring is in full swing! While you may be soaking up the warmer weather and feeling energized and refreshed, kids may be feeling, well, just the opposite.

As school begins to wind down, the academic rigor does not. Teachers are giving students that final push of curricula, and it’s a big one. They may be feeling burnt out on academics, but there is good news! Bansho is here to save the day.

Put a little Spring in your learner’s step by taking their learning outdoors! Outdoor learning allows children to hit that refresh button on their classroom academics. One study found that outdoor learning helped children increase their engagement once they returned to the classroom. So, let’s take learning outside! 

Here are 5 fun-filled Bansho outdoor learning activities:

Nature Art Insects with Eddie Crafts

In this nature-inspired art lesson, Eddie demonstrates how to make adorable bugs with leaves and twigs. No special art supplies are needed, just head outside and look for natural materials that inspire you and your little learner!


Sundial DIY with Allison

Learn how to make and read a sundial with Allison! This lesson provides opportunities for small breaks throughout the day to get outside and soak up some sunlight as your check on your sundial. Bonus opportunity to learn how to read a clock and tell time! 


Feed the Birds with Susannah 

Bring all the birds to your block by making a simple bird feeder with a paper roll, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds. Hang your feeder on a tree, and you are ready for endless hours of bird watching! Take this lesson one step further by creating a graph of the different birds that come to visit. 


Poetry in the Park with Talene

Older learners will love to join Talene in the park to read and analyze the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost. This poem is best understood when surrounded by the beauty of nature. So whether in the park, backyard, or garden, this lesson is sure to make an impact bringing poetry to life. 


Constellations with Kristen

Who said nature could only be enjoyed during the daytime? Take advantage of the warmer nighttime weather to stargaze! Which constellations can you spot? Hint! The best constellations to view in the Springtime in North America are Ursa Major, Leo the Lion, and Cancer the Crab. 


Well, what are you waiting for? Let Bansho be your outdoor learning guide as you reinvigorate and inspire your child’s love of learning. 


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