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Learning Partners

Meet Andrea: Learning Partner Q&A

From fractions to geometry to algebra, Andrea's one of the math whizzes here at Bansho! She taught high school math for 10 years in the classroom but has worked with students at all levels.

Tell us a little bit about your background as an educator:

I have always loved working with people and helping them understand.  In high school, I was a teacher’s aide.  In college, I tutored and worked in the math lab helping students.  These experiences confirmed that I should be a teacher.  Out of college, I took a job at a high school where I taught for the last ten years.  I taught Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Precalculus -- at many different skill levels.  I have worked with younger students as well at Mathnasium and Sylvan Learning Center.  I pride myself on being a patient and encouraging teacher.

Meet Andrea

Do you have a philosophy as an educator?

I believe that all students have a story and that they need to be met where they are.  I believe my role is to be a positive, supportive adult in their lives.  When students are shown respect and kindness, they are able to open up to learning.

What were you like as a student?

My hand was always raised.  I was always asking (and answering) questions. I wanted to understand everything, especially in math.  I didn’t want to accept a formula until I understood why.  I also liked to help the teacher if the teacher was struggling to understand what a student wanted or struggling to explain a concept in a different way.  I only got in trouble for talking too much and being late -- both of which happened daily.

What do you enjoy most about being a Learning Partner?

I like getting to know my students, having fun with them, and helping them connect the pieces of math together for those “aha!” moments.  The one-on-one environment is conducive to all three of those things.

If you could take the students on a field trip anywhere, where would you take them?

I would bring my students to Rio de Janeiro, where I am currently living. (My husband is Brazilian.)  I am enjoying the weather, the food, and the beaches so much, and I want to share it with others.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? 

My favorite teacher in high school was my English/Speech teacher because he made literature interesting (even though I didn’t love it), used creative activities and projects, and pushed me to be a better student.  He believed in me and inspired me to be a teacher -- although he wanted me to teach English.


Andrea's favorites, when she was a kid:

  • School Subject: Math
  • Book: Babysitters Club and American Girl Doll
  • TV Show: 7th Heaven
  • Hobby: Playing dress up and giving concerts and modeling shows to whomever would watch
  • Animal: Dog
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? A veterinarian

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