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How Bansho Overcomes Virtual Tutoring Challenges with Young Learners

In this new era of virtual work, meetings, and learning, we have heard time and time again: I can barely focus in my zoom meetings; how can I expect my 6-year-old to actually learn anything virtually?

Well, rest assured, Bansho live learning sessions are nothing like your boardroom zooms. On the contrary, they are quite the opposite. It is true that our littlest learners have a short attention span, and not learning in person can present some unique challenges. Still, our learning partners are armed with tools to help make learning sessions engaging, fun, and purposeful. Here are some of the strategies our learning partners use to keep our youngest students engaged.

Interactive Virtual Learning

Young students need to take part in their learning to stay engaged. We do not expect little learners to sit there, listen, and absorb (we actually don't even expect that from our oldest students!) Our learning partners make sure students are active participants in their learning. 



Make Learning Fun

Our Learning Partners are well aware that holding the attention of a young learner becomes more difficult when you are not in control of their environment, like in the classroom. Because of this, learning needs to be engaging and more attractive than whatever else is going on outside of the learning session. It may seem like a challenging task, but not for our Learning Partners! They teach through games, Bansho video lessons, and by tapping into the students' unique interests. 

Hit Refresh

As we touched upon earlier, young students have a shortened attention span, so it is essential to hit refresh and take a quick break. This could be a movement break to get out the wiggles, a short game, or a quick show and tell (usually involving a favorite stuffed animal or a pet). These short breaks have a significant impact on our little learners. After their quick break, they can refocus and continue with their session. 

Personalized Learning

Our learning partners tailor each lesson to fit not only the needs of the student but also their interests. For example, learning partners can incorporate space in lessons on phonics or animals in a lesson on counting. Whatever interests your child holds at the moment, our learning partners go above and beyond to make sure it is incorporated into their lesson to help capture their attention and make them feel special.

Young learners are just beginning on their academic journey, and it is a crucial time to instill in them the love of learning. Our Learning Partners understand this critical period and do not take that responsibility lightly. At Bansho, we strive to make learning engaging, fun, and personal, even for our littlest learners. 

Want to learn more about our virtual learning programs? Fill out the form below to connect with our Learning Team. 

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