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Celebrating World Cultures Through Education

Our world is made up of incredibly unique and diverse cultures! There is no better way to learn about these cultures than firsthand.

So, what's stopping you and your family from hopping on a plane and traveling the world?

Okay, probably a lot. Time, money, travel restrictions, the list trails on. But, teaching children about different world cultures is indispensable. World culture education gives children the opportunity to understand, appreciate, and respect countries and cultures by exploring their rich histories, foods, and everyday life. Which begs the question, how do you teach children about different world cultures without leaving the house?

Unpack your bags and instead try these five at-home activities to teach your children about world cultures.

1. Taste Around the World

For many countries, food and culture are intertwined. Food often sheds light on the history, traditions, and beliefs of a culture. Expand your children's taste buds while also opening their eyes to a different culture by tasting traditional meals from other countries. Be adventurous and cook yourself or order takeout from local restaurants. Choose one night a week to try a new dish from a new country!

2. Art Appreciation

Give your child a hands-on experience by creating art pieces that reflect a different country. Learn and practice the Japanese art of origami, create Russian nesting dolls using different sized paper cups, or paint a Madhubani Fish which is a traditional Indian folk art. Before getting messy, discuss why these arts or crafts are meaningful to their respective countries and how they fit into their cultures.

3. Traditional Folktales

Folk tales are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation and give a powerful key to unlocking a culture's rich history and traditions. Some of these stories may even resemble classic stories kids already know and love. Chinese, African, and Russian folktales are a great place to start.

4. Landmark Engineering

Break out the blocks and popsicle sticks to recreate famous landmarks to take a deeper look into a country's history. The Roman Coliseum, The Pyramids of Giza, The Burj Khalifa in Dubai are all impressive structures that hold importance to their country. 

5. Travel Around the World with Bansho

Bansho will take it from here! This curated playlist takes your learner to different countries to explore, discover, and appreciate other cultures. 

Happy Travels!

Travel the World


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