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Amanda Strungs

Stories by Amanda

Learning Partners

Meet Karli: Learning Partner Q&A

Karli has been teaching and working with kids for over 15 years! She loves to teach reading and to find new, creative ways for each of her students...

Learning Partners

Meet Khalid: Learning Partner Q&A

Khalid brings years of experience to the Learning Partner Team! He has a Master's in Math Education and loves to build confidence in kids who are...

Learning Partners

Meet Andrea: Learning Partner Q&A

From fractions to geometry to algebra, Andrea's one of the math whizzes here at Bansho! She taught high school math for 10 years in the classroom but...

Learning Partners

Meet Mr. Stella: Learning Partner Q&A

Mr. Stella started his teaching career as a wrestling coach for high school and college students. He enjoyed it so much that he decided to become an...

Learning Partners

Meet Allison: Learning Partner Q&A!

Allison has been with Bansho since September 2020. You may recognize her from her elementary science Bansho lessons! Let’s learn more about Allison...

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