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8 Book Series Your 4th Grader Will Love

Convincing your 4th grader to sit down and read each day can seem daunting. As a parent the to-do lists are never-ending, and adding a task as important as daily reading can be overwhelming. As an educator, parent, and former reluctant reader, I have some good news!

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The easiest way to encourage reading at home is to find books that speak to your reader’s interests. Stand-alone books are great, but book series take longer to get through, which means less time helping them pick something to read and more time finishing that coffee that is probably already cold. As a teacher, I have found that most kids are author-loyal, meaning when they find an author they enjoy they often like that author’s entire catalog. This makes finding enjoyable books for your reader much more efficient! Here are a few 4th-grade series your reader might adore! Don’t forget that your local librarian will also be happy to give recommendations based on books or series your reader prefers!

Book Series for 4th Graders

Wings of Fire


Wings of Fire
by Tui T. Sutherland
Do you love dragons, adventure, and magical prophecies? If so, the Wings of Fire series is perfect! With 13 chapter books, 2 books about the legends of the world, 4 graphic novels, and a collection of ebook winglets this series will satisfy even the most voracious reader.

Percy Jackson


Percy Jackson and the Olympians
by Rick Riordan

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series follows the adventures of Percy Jackson, a 12-year-old boy with ADHD and Dyslexia who happens to also be a demigod, and his friends as they embark on epic Greek Mythology inspired quests. The series contains 5 chapter books, a companion book full of short stories, an Ultimate Guide reference book, and graphic novel adaptations of the original books.

The Penderwicks


The Penderwicks
by Jeanne Birdsall
When the Penderwick sisters head to the Arundel Estate for the summer they don’t expect anything special, and they definitely don’t expect Jeffrey Tifton, the owner’s son. The five books in The Penderwicks series follow this group of fun-loving kids as they explore, adventure, and try to stay out of trouble.



Inkheart Trilogy
by Cornelia Funke
When Meggie realizes that her father has the ability to bring book characters to life by reading aloud she knows their lives will never be the same. The Inkheart trilogy is an exciting adventure that reminds readers of the magic of books and the stories inside them.

The Heros Guide


The Hero's Guide Series
by Christopher Healy

We’ve all heard of Prince Charming but it doesn’t seem like anyone knows very much about him. That’s probably because Prince Charming isn’t just one prince, it’s actually four! Liam, Frederick, Duncan, and Gustav are all princes that have overcome challenges and managed to save the day. The Hero’s Guide books follow the princes as they attempt to save the day, yet again.



by R.L. Stine

A 1990s classic, the Goosebumps series is still immensely popular with 4th-grade readers that prefer their books to be a little spooky. With a grand total of 235 books, readers will be more than ready to share spooky stories around the campfire this summer!

Guardians of Gahoole


Guardians of Ga'hoole
by Kathryn Lasky
The first few books in this series follow Soren, a young barn owl who, through his adventures and bravery, becomes a legend of his time. Later books in the series follow Soren’s nephew. The Guardians of Ga’Hoole contains 16 main chapter books with another 15 spin-off and companion works, ensuring plenty of time to immerse yourself in the forest kingdom of Tyto.

The Spiderwick Chronicles The Spiderwick Chronicles
by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi

When the Grace family moved into the Spiderwick Estate they had no idea fairies existed. It didn’t take long in their new home to discover otherwise. The Spiderwick Chronicles follows the Grace children- twins Simon and Jared, and their older sister Mallory, as they learn to live with the fairies.

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